The Making of the Lithographic Print, Shroud I

The lithographic print, Shroud I, was created for the show RESPONSE at ArtHelix Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, exhibiting from November 10-26, 2017. It is the inaugural show of Vox Populi Print Collective, for which I am happy to be a member. Very special thanks for Elizabeth Jean Younce for graining the stone and Barry Roal Carlsen for expertly handling the printing.

New Automata, "The Four Humors"

I recently completed a new paper doll automata, The Four Humors. There wasn't time to get finished photos before it went to the gallery, but I hope you enjoy seeing some of the building of the mechanisms.

Frame For Upcoming Sculpture

The finished frame for my next sculpture. Every element has been sculpted and fabricated by myself. Referring to Gothic design and ornament, I was striving for a reliquary feel. This will be my largest piece, with a standing height of 3' 10".

Originally titled "All Horizons Lost, Flesh Forever Found", the center imagery of the piece has undergone so many changes I am renaming the sculpture. It will be now called "Beneath the Remnant Veil". I am working on the new bronze title plate at the moment.

Base For The Ephemeral Knot, Part Two

Several hours of gilding later, the base for the upcoming sculpture, The Ephemeral Knot, is finished. In a few days it will go to woodworker Ed Wohl, who is always kind enough to help me with the clear coat finish work.

Base For The Ephemeral Knot

The primer and color layers being added to the base for The Ephemeral Knot, prior to gold leaf. Traditionally, the red oxide colored layers would be a clay bole. Instead, I use an acrylic for durability. The base will finally be ready to gold leaf this weekend.

Bronze Plates For "All Horizons Lost..."

The title plate for the upcoming sculpture, All Horizons Lost, Flesh Forever Found, is 13.5" long x 1.25" wide x .25" inches in it's bronze state. The length and relative thinness of the plate made it difficult to realize in metal using the techniques available to me at the foundry. My first attempt left the plate warped and twisted beyond saving. For the second try, I waxed an 1/8" piece of basswood to the back of the wax pattern plate, making it thicker and giving the pattern rigidity. I knew I would have to grind it all off later, but it made a huge difference in how the second title plate came out. As always, my apologies for the cat hair.

The Ephemeral Knot Plates Finished.

The front title plate took me three tries to get a good casting, but the bronze title and name plates for the upcoming piece The Ephemeral Knot are finally done. On either side of the plates are castings of human finger bones, specifically that of a fourth proximal phalange. The bronze has been heated in a kiln up to 1100 degrees, which gives it a black patina. This is then rubbed off in areas to get back to bronze. I applied the final coats of protective finish yesterday.

Opening Investment Mold

It was great to be outside in a sunny warm Spring evening opening the mold for the plates for The Ephemeral Knot and All Horizons Lost... But as soon as I started removing the investment, I knew my pieces were in trouble. Maybe the metal was poured too hot, maybe my investment mix wasn't right, but there was an astounding amount of flashing. Some of the castings can be salvaged, but some will have be redone.


Foundry Pour, April 2016

Below are pictures of the last bronze pour at the University of Wisconsin foundry. I poured my investment mold for the title plates of The Ephemeral Knot, and All Horizons Lost, Flesh Forever Found, as well as a few other waxes for future pieces. Observing this time was a group from a local high school.

Sculpture Plates and Miscellaneous Waxes

A sprue tree recently completed. Title and back plates for an upcoming large bronze sculptural piece entitled All Horizons Lost, Flesh Forever Found. Also the remake of The Ephemeral Knot title plate, and some other wax objects for future pieces.


Foundry Pour

I wanted to share more pictures from the last bronze pour at the University of Wisconsin Foundry. Two of the investment molds were my own, the rest belonging to other artists.

Upcoming Illustration Scratch Boards

I recently completed an illustration for a very special upcoming project. The official announcement is yet to be made, but I wanted to share some parts of the piece in progress. Usually my illustrations are done in different mediums and pieced together into a whole image. Below are two pen and ink on scratch board drawings that were later incorporated into a larger composition. Before too long, I will present the illustration in it's entirety along with the news of the collaboration.

Title Plates for The Ephemeral Knot

Opening the Investment Mold for "The Ephemeral Knot".

I was a bit worried about how the arm would turn out because of how much bronze was used. If a metal sculpture is too thick, the cooling process can cause cracks or collapsing. Prior to investment, I thinned out what wax I could from the underside, but much of the sculpture had to be thick for future tapping and bolt placements. But everything formed well, and I'm really pleased with the level of detail.