Bronze Plates For "All Horizons Lost..."

The title plate for the upcoming sculpture, All Horizons Lost, Flesh Forever Found, is 13.5" long x 1.25" wide x .25" inches in it's bronze state. The length and relative thinness of the plate made it difficult to realize in metal using the techniques available to me at the foundry. My first attempt left the plate warped and twisted beyond saving. For the second try, I waxed an 1/8" piece of basswood to the back of the wax pattern plate, making it thicker and giving the pattern rigidity. I knew I would have to grind it all off later, but it made a huge difference in how the second title plate came out. As always, my apologies for the cat hair.

Opening the Investment Mold for "The Ephemeral Knot".

I was a bit worried about how the arm would turn out because of how much bronze was used. If a metal sculpture is too thick, the cooling process can cause cracks or collapsing. Prior to investment, I thinned out what wax I could from the underside, but much of the sculpture had to be thick for future tapping and bolt placements. But everything formed well, and I'm really pleased with the level of detail.

Main Sculpt for The Ephemeral Knot Completed

The main clay sculpt for the upcoming bronze, The Ephemeral Knot, is finished. The completed piece should invoke the wax anatomical models of Museo di Storia Naturale "La Specola" in Florence, Italy, which I was fortunate enough to tour.

The piece is a not too subtle reminder of childhood mortality. The obviousness is hopefully excused- for with classic form comes classic symbolism.

The next step is to make the mold for the investment wax.

Gratitude goes to Rebekah and Leif Hansen, for allowing me to life cast their daughter Nova's hand and arm. And thank you, Nova.