work in progress

Base For The Ephemeral Knot, Part Two

Several hours of gilding later, the base for the upcoming sculpture, The Ephemeral Knot, is finished. In a few days it will go to woodworker Ed Wohl, who is always kind enough to help me with the clear coat finish work.

Sculpture Plates and Miscellaneous Waxes

A sprue tree recently completed. Title and back plates for an upcoming large bronze sculptural piece entitled All Horizons Lost, Flesh Forever Found. Also the remake of The Ephemeral Knot title plate, and some other wax objects for future pieces.


Upcoming Illustration Scratch Boards

I recently completed an illustration for a very special upcoming project. The official announcement is yet to be made, but I wanted to share some parts of the piece in progress. Usually my illustrations are done in different mediums and pieced together into a whole image. Below are two pen and ink on scratch board drawings that were later incorporated into a larger composition. Before too long, I will present the illustration in it's entirety along with the news of the collaboration.