face of collapse

Special Edition of Dazzling Killmen's "Face of Collapse"

I am excited to announce a special edition of Dazzling Killmen's "Face of Collapse". As some of you may know, I did the illustration and design for this release in 1994. The special edition features a new illustration by myself that is silk screened on side four of the double record set. This special edition has been in the works for some time, and I want to thank Skin Graft, Mark Fischer, and the Dazzling Killmen for making it happen.


The Skin Graft Records 25th Anniversary Release announcement:

DAZZLING KILLMEN "Face of Collapse" Special Edition
Gatefold Double LP and Book / CD / Ultimate Edition
- out November 11th, 2016

Order: http://www.skingraftrecords.com/shop.html
Read about: http://www.skingraftrecords.com/news_desk.html
Bandcamp: http://skingraftrecords.bandcamp.com

Gatefold Double Vinyl Special Edition Contents:
* Brand new restoration from the original analog tapes
by Blake Fleming and Jason McEntire of Sawhorse Studios (Recording & Mixing Facility). Recorded and engineered by Steve Albini.

* Second LP includes bonus tracks on Side Three:
“Medicine Me”, “Poptones” (Public Image Ltd. cover) and “My Lacerations” (alternate version). Collects every studio track recorded by the quartet version of the band.

* Side Four features new artwork from cover artist Paul Nitsche silk-screened directly onto the vinyl.

* Large 16-page book, measuring 12” x 12”, with liner notes from Aaron Burgess (former editorial director of Alternative Press), a new oral history of the album from Hank Shteamer (senior editor, music, RollingStone.com) and artwork and comics from Mark Buckheit, Mark Fischer, Paul Nitsche, Miles Rutlin and Rob Syers.

* Full color Gatefold Sleeve includes removable obi with color mini-poster printed on the reverse side. Entire contents come packaged in a crystal-clear resealable overbag.

"Ultimate Edition" includes all of the above, PLUS:

* DAZZLING KILLMEN "Face Of Collapse Compact Disc
(catalog # GR12CD)

25th Anniversary Poster (11" x 17")

Staring Contest / Bone Fragments / My Lacerations Blown (Face Down) / Windshear / Painless One / In The Face Of Collapse / Agitator

Medicine Me / Poptones / My Lacerations (alternate)

Nick Sakes, Darin Gray, Blake Fleming, Tim Garrigan