New Version of Website is Finished.

I'm happy to announce that the new version of my website is complete. In it you will find updated galleries of my sculpture, paper dolls, automata, and drawings and prints. There are two new major sections: Illustration and Design, and Comics. The majority of these works are from the 1990s to 2005 and much had to be scanned and digitized.

In the Design section you will find all the music packaging work I did for the Dazzling Killmen, Oneiroid Psychosis, Andrew Bird, and others. In some cases I re-created digital versions of the designs from the original layout sheets and photographs. Here you will also find a Patterns section containing the majority of the pattern work I have done over the years.

The Comics section contains galleries of nearly all of the comics I did during 1991 to 1995. There is everything from the early self published works to the comics I did for Fantagraphics Books, Caliber Press, and Dark Horse Comics. These were exciting, creative, and busy years for me, and much of what I was drawing during that time developed into the sculptures I do now.

Looking back on the older work has put me in a nostalgic mood. I'm very thankful to all the bands, publishers, and individuals that I have worked with, many of whom I am still in touch. A major thank you goes to Mark Fischer and Rob Syers who let me into their Skin Graft collective, which lead to the Skin Graft comic, Dazzling Killmen, and many other projects.