Foundry Wax and Investment Work for "The Ephemeral Knot".

This will be my largest bronze sculpture as of yet, although there are larger ones to come this year. The brush on rubber mold with plaster mother mold worked beautifully, and I got a usable model on the first wax pour. The mold is going to be poured in bronze soon, and I'll be heading into the foundry this weekend to see how the piece looks.

Main Sculpt for The Ephemeral Knot Completed

The main clay sculpt for the upcoming bronze, The Ephemeral Knot, is finished. The completed piece should invoke the wax anatomical models of Museo di Storia Naturale "La Specola" in Florence, Italy, which I was fortunate enough to tour.

The piece is a not too subtle reminder of childhood mortality. The obviousness is hopefully excused- for with classic form comes classic symbolism.

The next step is to make the mold for the investment wax.

Gratitude goes to Rebekah and Leif Hansen, for allowing me to life cast their daughter Nova's hand and arm. And thank you, Nova.


Cast Glass Placenta and Bell Jar Finished

The bell jar for the upcoming piece, Ossis Fateor Memoria, is finally complete. Many thanks to two Wisconsin glass artists for assisting me in creating what I had envisioned. Steve Feren helped me invest my wax placenta sculpt and did the glass casting. Richard Jones of Studio Paran completed the cold work on the glass placenta and helped me attach it to the bell jar. I thank them both for their time and patience working with me.

Welcome to the Studio Blog, Version 2

With a new web design comes a new studio blog. I hope you got a chance to enjoy my past posts from the previous website. Version 2 will start anew and sorry to those who missed the first round of blogging. Here you will find the progress, usually very slow, on all my different artwork mediums: sculpture, drawing, and illustration and design.